New York, Paris - April 30, 2013Nuxeo, the provider of a content services platform, announces the availability of Nuxeo Drive, a desktop synchronization client that automates the content updating process between local desktops and the content repository. Nuxeo Drive works with all applications built on the Nuxeo Platform, including Document Management, Digital Asset Management, Case Management, and custom content-centric applications.

Nuxeo Drive installs a light client on the desktop, establishes a secure connection to the Nuxeo repository - on premise, or in the Cloud - and updates content when a change is detected, either locally or in the Nuxeo repository. Nuxeo Drive handles all types of content, from simple files such as documents, images, and slide decks to complex application output and custom content types. Secure conflict resolution ensures that collaborative projects stay up-to-date in the Nuxeo content repository.

Nuxeo Drive is fully customizable, in keeping with Nuxeo’s ongoing strategy to empower software architects and developers to build the content-centric applications that fit their business requirements. Written in Python, Nuxeo Drive is available as native binary for most operating systems. The synchronization client is based on an open RESTful protocol, so it can be used to develop an efficient synchronization client in any language, for custom content-centric applications. Nuxeo Drive is open source, with code available on GitHub.

“This goes far beyond simple cloud-based file sharing systems, because the Nuxeo Platform provides a full content management application,” said Eric Barroca, Nuxeo CEO. “But the beauty of Nuxeo Drive is its ability to handle custom content. For example, you can create a custom content type in the Nuxeo Platform to handle insurance claims. It can be synced on the client as an XML file, edited with a local application, such as an offline form application, and then synced back to the Nuxeo repository, where other team members can access the most recent version. No other solution can do that.”

Key features of Nuxeo Drive include:

  • Round-trip synchronization: Select the files to synchronize, and whenever a change is detected in the repository or locally, updates are automatically triggered.
  • Full or partial repository synchronization: Specify the scope of content of interest for synchronization.
  • Offline access: Nuxeo Drive starts or resumes synchronization when the network connection is available.
  • Flexible conflict management that allows review of discrepancies.
  • Structural updates: Move, rename, delete files, server-side or locally, and the synchronization client manages the update.
  • Works on multiple operating systems: Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Management of all types of local content from simple files to complex folder hierarchies generated by local applications.
  • Collaboration and workflow: The Nuxeo Platform supports collaborative content management, so all local synchronization activities can be configured to feed into the platform workflow processes.
  • Access control: Server-side access control policies are fully applied to the Nuxeo Drive synchronization process, maintaining the content security at all levels.
  • Synchronization of dynamic document lists: It is possible to configure Nuxeo Drive to synchronize documents that are in a specified state, to handle custom use cases.

Nuxeo Drive is available for immediate download from the Nuxeo Marketplace, and on GitHub for developers. To learn more, register for the webinar today at 2 p.m. ET, or visit: /drive.

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Nuxeo provides an extensible and modular Content Services Platform enabling architects and developers to easily build and run business applications. Designed by developers for developers, the Nuxeo Platform offers modern technologies, a powerful plug-in model and extensive packaging capabilities. It comes with ready-to-use Document Management, Digital Asset Management and Case Management packages. 1000+ organizations rely on Nuxeo to run business-critical applications, including Electronic Arts, Netflix, Sharp, Pearson Education, FICO, the U.S. Navy, and Jeppesen, a Boeing Company. Nuxeo is dual-headquartered in New York and Paris. More information is available at

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