New York, Paris – February 19, 2014Nuxeo, the provider of a content services platform, announces the availability of Nuxeo Platform 5.9.2, a new Fast Track version. Fast Track versions of the Nuxeo Platform are released every 6 to 8 weeks, offering new features and improvements in a rapid release cycle.

This newest version features a JavaScript SDK, support for OAuth 2.0, and a private Marketplace channel for delivering add-ons, among other enhancements.

Nuxeo SDK for JavaScript, Packaged for Node.js and jQuery

The Nuxeo Client SDK for JavaScript leverages Nuxeo’s extensive REST APIs, enabling fast development of content-centric JavaScript applications. This SDK offers access to all the resource-oriented endpoints for documents, users, and directories as well as the set of commands (operations) to use in conjunction with the resources. This SDK is designed to be used for in-browser applications (with frameworks like AngularJS, Ember.js, or plain jQuery) as well as server-side Node.js applications using the Nuxeo Platform as a backend storage and processing service.

Authentication and OAuth 2.0

OAuth 2.0 has become the standard for authorization in web applications. With the expansions of mobile applications it has become more important to manage securely authorization with the Nuxeo Platform expansion of Nuxeo’s REST APIs comes the necessity for developers to manage secure authentication of the applications they are building. This new version provides support for OAuth 2.0, adding a highly secure way of handling the authentication process. This new OAuth 2.0 service builds on the existing (and still supported) token-based authentication and will become the preferred authorization mechanism for clients (such as Nuxeo Drive, mobile, etc.).

Private Marketplace Channel

This private channel enables Nuxeo customers to control the distribution of packages to Nuxeo instances. For example, a solution provider can build and package a solution and limit distribution to its own client base, or a subset of its client base. Following the same pattern, systems integrators can deliver custom configuration packages to their customers using this new feature.

Dynamic Expression Validation in Nuxeo Studio

MVEL expressions used in Nuxeo Studio are now validated automatically. Typos and syntax errors can be corrected before deployment, so developers can keep their focus on the task at hand, and be assured of correct syntax before each configure/deploy/test cycle.

For more information, see the release notes and download the new version of Nuxeo Platform.

About Nuxeo

Nuxeo provides an extensible and modular Content Services Platform enabling architects and developers to easily build and run business applications. Designed by developers for developers, the Nuxeo Platform offers modern technologies, a powerful plug-in model and extensive packaging capabilities. It comes with ready-to-use Document Management, Digital Asset Management and Case Management packages. 1000+ organizations rely on Nuxeo to run business-critical applications, including Electronic Arts, Netflix, Sharp, Pearson Education, FICO, the U.S. Navy, and Jeppesen, a Boeing Company. Nuxeo is dual-headquartered in New York and Paris. More information is available at

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