MongoDB for Content Management

Design, Develop, Test and Deploy Content Applications at the Enterprise Scale.

The Nuxeo Platform provides an end-to-end environment for content-driven application development. It is a fully customizable enterprise content management (ECM) platform for developing digital asset management, document management and case management solutions. Nuxeo provides native integration with the leading NoSQL database, MongoDB, as a supported content and data storage back end. Developers can quickly and easily deploy cloud-ready enterprise applications.

Common use cases for a MongoDB-powered content store (vs NoSQL) include:

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Using MongoDB to Build a Fast and Scalable Content Repository

The presentation by our CTO, Thierry Delprat, describes the integration of MongoDB into the Nuxeo Platform and explains the different implementation options.

Scaling in ECM: From SQL to MongoDB

There are many reasons why we integrated MongoDB into the Nuxeo Platform: scalability, high performance and availability, and support for massive volumes and types of content. However, the ultimate goal is to provide developers with a flexible, agile platform for quickly building enterprise content-centric application.

MongoDB can be used with the Nuxeo Platform as a storage back end (instead of a SQL database) and fully compatible with any existing application built on the Nuxeo Platform.

MongoDB Architecture
MongoDB Architecture

Using the Nuxeo Platform with MongoDB provides the opportunity to build content management applications with big data tools and processes capable of dealing with enormous data volumes at unmatched speeds.

This integration offers the best of content management (versioning, access control, workflow, querying, metadata management, business logic, sharing, auditing, file conversion, etc.) with scalable, highly available storage to build enterprise content-centric applications. Organizations with large content store requirements leverage MongoDB to access features such as replication, zero downtime and multi-master writes. It also works well alongside Elasticsearch for advanced queries.

For MongoDB developers building enterprise applications, the Nuxeo Platform provides an advanced set of content management features, enabling the developer to focus on other important aspects of the application.

With advanced customization capabilities, an API-centric development environment and a user-friendly UI framework, deploying enterprise content management applications has never been easier. In a data-driven world where content is more structured and at the core of your business, and where mobile is a common way to create / consume information, the Nuxeo Platform enables architects and developers to quickly build information-centric enterprise applications.

Fully open source and developed on GitHub, the Nuxeo Platform welcomes contributors. Verizon, Electronic Arts, Sharp, FICO, TBWA and the U.S. Navy, among many others, trust the Nuxeo Platform for its robustness and its flexibility.

Changing for MongoDB: Advantages and Architecture

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