Rebranding Nuxeo.

Introducing a Visionary.

New Logo

Our logotype visually represents the primary function of Nuxeo — a concise, very modular, and highly structured tool.

At the core is an ‘X’, a letterform that is not only a part of our name, but a shape that connects, multiplies, and balances.

Never attempt to recreate the logotype on your own. Big Brother is watching you.

Clear Space

When applying the logotype in any application—print or digital—a visual clear space should be considered.

The preferred clear space is 1x the height of the logotype’s “n”—an acceptable clearspace is .5x the height.


The Nuxeo color palette is a selection of seven colors plus gray neutrals—three blues, green, purple, red, and orange.

Color plays an integral part in the success of a consistent language, and should be applied with great intention.

Read the branding guidelines to discover various colors formulas.


Neue Hass Grotesk is the brand typeface for Nuxeo. It should be used in two weights, 95 Black and 55 Roman, as much as possible.

In times where the brand font is not available, Helvetica or Arial should be used in its place. To be used rarely.

(Ok it's not even on this page yet, but will be soon!)

Photography Collection A


Supporting imagery can be expressed in three ways—the first is photography that portrays various “networks.” These images should always be shot from a one-point aerial perspective.

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Photography Collection B


The second category is industrial photography. These are images that show things being built, products being manufactured, or the machinery used during the process. These photographs should remain full-color, high-quality, crisp, and professionally sourced. Industrial categories include: Production, Industry, Fabrication, Inventory, Planning.

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Photography Collection C


Portrait photography should be shown in high-contract grayscale. We will schedule new shootings soon for the new people.




But if a more stylized & branded icon set is required, a distinct drawing style has been developed based on the geometry of our logotype. Please reach out to Katie. The branded icons should be used for marketing materials but not for UI development.

Icons Sets

Verbal Identity

Focus on outcomes

Not every client will know what “MongoDB for data storage” means for their bottom line. Focusing on real-world outcomes—speedier searches, more easily accessible data, time saved for employees— will help contextualize technical features for the less tech-savvy. You’re not just listing features, you’re communicating how they’ll have a tangible and positive impact on the workplace.

Speak Plainly

Use your space efficiently. Avoiding jargon will help you craft more compact messages—and also make those messages more memorable.

Every Message Stand Alone

We wish it weren’t true, but people skim. Making sure your copy is comprised of concise, complete, and direct statements will help cement key features in their minds.

Elevator pitches

Content Services Platform

There’s no need to start from scratch. Nuxeo’s cloud-native, modular design plugs easily into legacy infrastructure, scales with your team, and can be updated at the speed of technology.


The promise of ECM, delivered. Nuxeo consolidates all of your content and data—from basic PDFs to media-rich videos and photos—wherever it lives. No rip & replace, we integrate with most of your systems in place. Put all of your enterprise content to work with the industry’s most advanced metadata tools. Deliver insight by leveraging the latest innovations in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Asset Management

Legacy DAM has failed. Choose a solution that will support today’s and tomorrow’s content type and empowers every department in your organization. Make the most of the latest cloud innovations, in a single application. Scale infinitely, collaborate across silos, and deliver amazing end-to-end customer experiences.

Case Management

Eliminate inefficiencies. Nuxeo’s case management tools streamline and automate complex workflows, so your team can focus on what counts: getting the job done.

Someone said SWAG?

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