Content Journeys

Content Journeys
001 — April 22, 2020
The Rise of Intelligent Content

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Chris McLaughlin, head of Marketing & Product Management for Nuxeo. With over 25 years of Content Development & Management experience, Chris shares his thoughts on the landscape of Content Development & Management, and where the future of intelligent content is heading. Chris will also weigh in on where he thinks AI fits into the developing content arena, how content management systems react (or should be prepared to react) to changing legislation, and more!

002 — May 20, 2020
The Concept of Content Engineering

Alan Porter welcomes Cruce Saunders, founder and principal at [A], and author of "Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World." Cruce discusses his lifelong quest for the "freeing of knowledge" - that is, to make the world we all imagined when Internet technology first arrived and promised a Utopia of free-flowing, timely information.

Cruce brings his 20+ years of experience to share his thoughts & insights on how the importance of content, and content technology, has grown to where it is now, how many enterprises manage (or mis-manage!) content development & the content supply chain as an asset. Cruce also discusses some key strategies are to ensure the future of content technology & services.