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018 — May 3, 2022
Crossover of Traditional Technical Content & Marketing Content

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Alyssa Fox, VP of Channel Marketing at Alert Logic. Alyssa has over 20 years of experience as a Content Strategist across marketing and technical content. On this episode of Content Journeys, Alyssa shares some insights on the crossover between technical content & marketing content, as well as how to take a more holistic view of content throughout the entire business process.

017 — February 21, 2022
Websites & Digital Engagement

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Iotis Even, Associate VP of Digital Engagement at Hyland. Iotis is a 25+ year veteran of Website Design & Digital Programming. On this episode of Content Journeys, Iotis shares some good, basic rules for website development, customer engagement, & even some insight on how Batman influences her approach to digital design.

016 — November 16, 2021
Content Operations Manifesto

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Sarah O’Keefe, founder & CEO of Scriptorium Publishing. As Sarah celebrates the 25th anniversary of Scriptorium, she shares her much-discussed Content Operations Manifesto - what its key tenets are, what its genesis was, and most importantly: how it can help you prepare for the future of Content Operations.

015 — September 18, 2021
Content Conferences

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Jack Molisani, founder & organizer of the LavaCon Content Strategy Conference. Jack shares his insights on creating large-scale, impactful, memorable Content Industry Conferences. Jack also weighs in on his thoughts about customized customer experiences - when they’re handy vs. when they’re creepy!

014 — August 18, 2021
Content Podcasting

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Ed Marsh, 27-year veteran of Tech Writing & host of the Content Content Podcast. Ed shares his insights on creating a podcast to connect with more people in the Content industry in order to get broader perspectives.

013 — July 14, 2021
Thoughts on the Content Management Market

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Bill Priemer, the CEO of Hyland. Bill shares his insights on growing content business, and the synergistic successes found in consolidating different aspects of the business.

012 — June 17, 2021
Career Opportunities in DAM

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Kristina Huddart, an independent contractor in the world of DAM for over 9 years. Kristina shares her insights on how to integrate into the world of DAM, the importance of personalization in content, as well as some ways to improve DAM contacts through education & development.

011 — March 31, 2021
Extracting Data from Content

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Mark Gross, President of Data Conversion Laboratory. Mark has helmed his Data Conversion & Content company for 40+ years. Mark also gives a good, historical perspective on how data conversion evolved, and some excellent insights on the differences between content and data.

010 — February 25, 2021
Enterprise DAM

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Frederic Sanuy from Activo Consulting. Fred has 25+ years of experience crafting customer journeys, content, and digital strategies. Fred gives his insight on content management, with emphasis on how it can employed & scaled smartly. He also gives insights on how powerful photos can be, and how photographic technology has rapidly evolved.

009 — December 18, 2020
Intelligent Content Solutions

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Mark Lewis from Caliper Content Services. Mark has 20+ years of experience designing intelligent content solutions, strategies, and metrics - all from a background of technical writing. Mark gives his insight son the development of intelligent content and how to make sure it’s properly aligned with leadership and business goals.

008 — December 1, 2020
Content Marketing

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Robert Rose from Content Advisory. Robert is one of the world’s experts on content strategy & content marketing. Robert provides his thoughts & insights on how to manage content while keeping the customer’s needs in mind.

007 — October 19, 2020
Gaining Executives Mind-Share

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes James Word, a 25+ year veteran in Content Lifecycle Management. As the Director of Integrated Services at IO Integration, James provides his thoughts & insights on how to get buy-in on content vision from senior executives.

006 — September 25, 2020
Enterprise Content Management

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Sean Baird, a 20+ year veteran in Enterprise Content Management. As the Director of Product Marketing for Nuxeo, Sean provides us with his thoughts & insights on digital content - specifically what he sees as some best practices now, and considerations for the future.

005 — August 25, 2020
The Three-Tier Marketing Philosophy

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Eran Lobel, a 30-year veteran in content creation, focused on television, commercials, and films. Eran gives his unique insights on content creation and content delivery - find out how that process is much like how a chef would prepare a meal!

004 — July 21, 2020
The Digital Asset Management (DAM) Capability Model

Listen to David Lipsey, one of the founders of the field of Digital Asset Management (DAM). David gives his insights on Digital Asset Management - where it came from, how it’s used today, how it’s role has changed, and what opportunities lie ahead. David also shares his experiences as leader, champion, and instructor, for more DAM curricula higher education.

003 — June 16, 2020
How Content Impacts Customer Service in Financial Services

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Sean Calvillo, Director of Financial Services a Perficient. Sean give his insights on how content can create a more seamless experience for direct customers, and why that is important. He also give his thoughts on legacy systems vs. modern content systems, and how they can be used together - and more importantly, how those roll-outs can take place with the least negative impact on the customer.

002 — May 20, 2020
The Concept of Content Engineering

Alan Porter welcomes Cruce Saunders, founder and principal at [A], and author of “Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World.” Cruce discusses his lifelong quest for the “freeing of knowledge” - that is, to make the world we all imagined when Internet technology first arrived and promised a Utopia of free-flowing, timely information.

Cruce brings his 20+ years of experience to share his thoughts & insights on how the importance of content, and content technology, has grown to where it is now, how many enterprises manage (or mis-manage!) content development & the content supply chain as an asset. Cruce also discusses some key strategies are to ensure the future of content technology & services.

001 — April 22, 2020
The Rise of Intelligent Content

Join host, Alan Porter, as he welcomes Chris McLaughlin, head of Marketing & Product Management for Nuxeo. With over 25 years of Content Development & Management experience, Chris shares his thoughts on the landscape of Content Development & Management, and where the future of intelligent content is heading. Chris will also weigh in on where he thinks AI fits into the developing content arena, how content management systems react (or should be prepared to react) to changing legislation, and more!