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No matter what type of content you have, Nuxeo's content services platform will help you put it to work.

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You know how to bring value to your organization. You understand the power of your content. And you can see how to use technology to solve enterprise-class problems. With the Nuxeo products, you can manage any type of content, when and where you want it.

Discover the Nuxeo products and solutions.

ECM Solution

The promise of ECM, delivered. Manage all of your documents and rich content in place while putting them to work with the industry’s most advanced metadata tools.

DAM Solution

Accelerate your entire creative supply chain, from asset creation to distribution.

Case Management Solution

From financial applications, insurance claims, and complex contract processing, Nuxeo helps companies streamline their critical content intensive business processes for a better customer experience.

The Nuxeo Platform

With Nuxeo Platform, you get a modern content services platform combined with a delightful user experience that unlocks the full value of all of your company’s digital content — wherever they live.

Modernize your information systems with Nuxeo.

In today’s digital age, information is your most important asset. But the way in which information is managed in most organizations is built on aging and inefficient technologies. It’s time to fix this problem.

It’s time to modernize and shape the future of information management in your organization with the Nuxeo Content Services Platform.

Start Shaping the Future

Work the way you want. Explore our connectors.

When it comes to integration, we believe in making it as easy as possible by providing multiple options.

More specifically, Nuxeo includes content connectors to business and productivity applications, cloud storage providers, and even desktops. Need more? We also support standards such as CMIS and a connector framework.

Adobe Creative Suite

Creative professionals can easily search, retrieve, and work with images stored in Nuxeo from the Adobe creative application of their choice (Photoshop, Indesign, or Illustrator).

We also integrate with:

Google Vision

Automatically detect information within images and video, streamlining the classification and tagging process.

We also integrate with:

Salesforce connector

Users can easily search, list, preview and access the right content at the right time without leaving Salesforce.

We also integrate with:

Get even more from the Nuxeo Platform.

Nuxeo is the industry's most modern content services platform and has been architected to take full advantage of the cloud. We use a microservices architecture to deliver elastic scalability and performance.

A comprehensive REST API gives developers access to all the functionality in the platform and the extensible plug-in architecture means you can add your own custom functionality.

Nuxeo Studio

Nuxeo Studio offers an extensive application design environment that will greatly reduce your development times.



Access all the functionality of the platform in your IDE of choice and chain API calls together for transaction safe execution.


We're different. We provide solutions for the modern world.

Zero Legacy Burden

Completely modern, modular architecture. While others invest in maintaining their legacy code, we only invest in innovation.

Configuration, Not Coding

Configure even the most complex content applications quickly and easily. Then, iterate as the needs of your business change.

Maximum Performance

We employ leading-edge technologies to ensure hyper-scalability. Nuxeo offers a 10x performance advantage over legacy ECM and DAM technologies.

Enterprise Approach

Move beyond departmental solutions with a true Content Services Platform for all your information management needs.

No More Silos (For Real)

No need for costly migrations. Manage all of your information assets, regardless of where they are stored today.

SaaS Architecture

Our cloud-native architecture scales effortlessly and efficiently. Deploy in the Cloud, on-premises or anywhere in between, quickly and cost effectively.

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