Structured content, complex digital assets and evolving data models are now at the core of any business activity. The Nuxeo Platform Analytics tool will not only allow you to understand user activity and analyze your content, but will also give you an instant visualization of the data stored in your content.

Make insightful decisions based on precise analytics and data visualization reports.

Get Insights from your Structured Data & Content Model

Analyze your data
< p>The power of the Nuxeo Platform lies in its schema-flexible data model, enabling you to get every bit of data from your content, analyze it in real-time and visualize trends and volumes or identify opportunities.

With the Nuxeo Platform data visualization toolkit, anyone can combine data in a clear dashboard, showcasing data by geographic location, content type or performance.

With our analytics tool, you will be able to visualize all of your content and data at once. It will help you expedite the analytics of your most complex digital assets to provide data results quickly and allow you to take action.

Quickly Understand User Activity & Content

If you're a media company, you probably want to know if the assets you’re providing are still valuable for your team.

Is this digital asset actually searched for? Is our enterprise digital content well referenced for the right IP usage? Who has more interest on this topic?

Those are questions you need to answer to make sure your business content application is actually unlocking the full value of your enterprise content.

Search & Query Performance

From faceted to full-text search and synonyms, the Nuxeo search engine can be used for many complex queries.

  • Monitor user search activity and search performance: most used search terms, the number of results, the number of pages displayed and filters used or even failed search
  • Real-time view of your user behavior and what areas need to be optimized
By identifying underperforming digital assets and workflows, based on scoring results, you can take immediate action to improve the user experience in your digital asset management system.

Search and query performance
Advanced processes, performance, and flow

Advanced Processes Performance & Flow

Analytics hold tremendous potential to optimize business processes.

Improve the performance of business processes by analyzing user activities and identifying optimization opportunities. Analytics in the Nuxeo Platform will give you the important metrics about a given workflow so that you can identify & correct:

  • Bottlenecks in the process
  • Slow tasks
  • Resource waste or under-utilization
  • Needs for additional resources
  • Roles & responsibilities

Content Repository

Here are just a few examples of what you can analyze with our data visualization toolkit: Number of documents, distribution of documents types, top contributors, the number of created and modified documents between two date ranges.

Your content repository is made of complex and structured data, evolving quickly with ubiquitous networks and devices.

It is now possible for admins to analyze it in real-time.

Content repository

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