Nuxeo Cloud

Nuxeo Cloud is a scalable, on-demand way for your business to access the power of the Nuxeo platform - without the need to install anything on-premise.

Kick-start the way you manage your documents, content, media and digital assets; connect to other cloud and on-premise content stores; even make use of AI and machine learning services.

The future is cloud - the future is now.


Can I test Nuxeo before committing to an on-premise install?


All the functionality, none of the pain.

Many providers deliver a portion of their functionality through the cloud - not Nuxeo.

The Nuxeo Cloud is all of the Nuxeo platform, delivered via the cloud. So if you are looking to try the full Nuxeo platform before committing to installing on-premise, or simply looking to leverage the scalable, elastic processing power of the cloud, the Nuxeo cloud can help.


How can I share enterprise content without compromising security?


Joining the dots.

The need to collaborate with customers, suppliers and partners is increasingly important for the modern business - but sometimes the constraints of legacy IT and security infrastructures makes this challenging. By using the Nuxeo Cloud you can access the benefits of collaboration, while ensuring the security of your content and existing infrastructure.

Nuxeo Cloud can manage, access, share and secure your information resources wherever it lives, and allows you to combine on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments - placing you in complete control of your digitally enabled organization.


I need to make sure to have scaling processing power when I need.


Unlimited power and connectivity.

The Nuxeo Cloud offers users the ability to dynamically and elastically access the resources they need to perform the content-related tasks they need to do. If you need to process 1 Billion documents in one go, that’s fine - the Nuxeo Cloud will scale automatically to cover that for you. Only need to process a handful of videos - no problem, the system will shrink to your needs.

Combine this flexibility with the ability to connect to any other cloud-enabled content services and your content and information instantly has access to leading edge technology services such as Google Vision, Amazon Recognition and more.

Nuxeo Cloud Features

Secure and always on.

Nuxeo Cloud is delivered via the Amazon Web Services platform providing an extremely reliable environment trusted by businesses worldwide. The underlying infrastructure commits to 99.9% service availability meaning that not only is your solution secure, but it will be accessible when you need it.

All of Nuxeo, in the Cloud.

The Nuxeo Cloud delivers all aspects of the Nuxeo platform via the cloud. All functionality, including customisations, can be accessed via the scalable architecture. In addition, Nuxeo Cloud instances can be managed using existing Nuxeo Studio environments, and can access other on-premise or cloud-based content repositories where required.

Never upgrade again.

Nuxeo Cloud is always on the most recent version of the Nuxeo platform, with the latest hotfixes, patches & third-party services included - meaning that your solution will have the latest functionality and security features available. Our dedicated team of cloud engineers also manages and supports your cloud instance 24/7 - all as a standard part of the Nuxeo Cloud solution, and performed automatically without affecting your deployment.

Nuxeo Cloud Resources

We’re here to help you understand if our product meets your needs. Most of our resources are available online, but don't hesitate to schedule a custom demo or ask us a question.


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