Nuxeo Cloud

Nuxeo Cloud provides a quick and easy way to access lightweight Nuxeo Platform instances on demand. Start a document management, digital or media asset management, or even case management project in no time.

Product Features

Always Run the Most Recent Version

Never wait for the latest versions of the Nuxeo Platform and Studio. Enjoy them the day they’re released.

24/7 Monitoring

Network or hardware issues, our team is notified immediately and springs into action.

No Upgrading Stress

All the Nuxeo applications you run will be upgraded to the latest version of the Nuxeo Platform, so you can benefit from accelerated feature delivery and save the burden of managing the upgrade yourself.

Secure and Always On

Thanks to the AWS underlying technology, Nuxeo Cloud provides an extremely reliable environment where replacement instances can rapidly be deployed by our engineers. The underlying infrastructure commits to 99.95% service availability. For more information, see

Reduce Development Costs

Nuxeo Cloud provides a seamless development environment with the instant resources and infrastructure you need to develop and deploy content-centric applications, fast.

Get Help When you Need it

Choose to get support from the expert team with the most adapted SLA for your organization.

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