Nuxeo Platform, a content services solution for the modern era

With Nuxeo Platform, you get a modern content services platform combined with a delightful user experience that unlocks the full value of all of your company’s digital content — wherever they live.

Nuxeo Content Server, a modern architecture for today’s content.

All types of content, all the time

Customers are seeing unprecedented growth in the use of rich media in their organizations. This expansion has created a dilemma for traditional ECM vendors as they were not architected to natively support this kind of data. Nuxeo is different in that it is the first ECM to manage both traditional content and rich media assets.

A Modern Architecture

Since it was built in the modern era, Nuxeo Platform is cloud-native, scales horizontally, and takes advantage of the latest innovative technologies.

Manage Content in Place

The traditional idea of managing all content in a central repository did not work. Nuxeo's approach is to connect to core content repositories and manage the content in place. This vision allows customers to leverage content stored in their existing systems, without the disruption associated with moving legacy applications onto a new platform.

Universal Metadata Model

Nuxeo uses schema-flexible metadata that can easily adapt and expand as customer requirements change over time. This flexibility ensures content can be repurposed to fulfill future use cases.

Intelligent Scaling

Nuxeo Platform scales independently and also horizontally. What’s more, its components can be assigned to work on specific types of activities such as video rendering, while other nodes focus on more general activities such as saving and retrieving content. This intelligent approach eliminates performance bottlenecks that can occur in traditional ECM systems.

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