Nuxeo Content Services Platform

Cloud-native and low-code, Nuxeo Platform is your rapid-deployment secret weapon to power up application development and enterprise modernization in the cloud.


Future-Proof Modernization

Nuxeo gives your business access to a best-in-breed tech stack that can be configured to tackle the toughest challenges of today and tomorrow.


Cloud Native

Built cloud-first, Nuxeo Platform works how and where you want it to. Keep your information secure with a cloud platform trusted by some of the world’s largest banks, insurers, and product companies.


Adaptable AI

Use Nuxeo Insight to make smarter predictions without a team of data scientists — business-specific artificial intelligence is just a few clicks away.


Scalable & Performant

Get cloud-first, modular architecture that scales horizontally and independently, matching even the heaviest workloads in real-time to deliver high performance. Use MongoDB to achieve unparalleled performance.

Why Users Love Nuxeo

Today’s businesses have to work harder than ever to satisfy demanding customers. Nuxeo gives enterprises new capabilities to use more formats at higher volumes, using more tools — and to modernize in place, without negatively impacting core business processes.

Satisfy expectations

Nuxeo’s WebUI is built to meet and exceed today’s user expectations. Deliver an engaging, fast and reliable experience. Improve user adoption by giving them what they want.

Nuxeo Web UI

Configure for your business

Create content applications that do more - and do fast. Use Nuxeo Studio, our visual, low-code development tool to build better applications for DAM, ECM and beyond.

Nuxeo Studio

Add features

Easily add features to your application. Build workflows and functionality the way you want to create an application that fits best your business.

Nuxeo Marketplace

Work anywhere

On the go, around the globe — Nuxeo is available from any browser, phone, or tablet to give your team the flexibility to control your content the way you want. Our desktop sync also enables quick offline editing of any file, any time.

Nuxeo Mobile

Connect with your existing systems

Google Drive
Lotus Notes
MS Dynamics

The X Factor

Nuxeo works differently than traditional DAM or ECM solutions — and our unique approach offers benefits that can’t be matched by any competitor.

End information silos

Modernize your business while keeping legacy systems, and the business processes that rely on them, in place. The Nuxeo Federation Framework lets you manage content in place while creating day-forward architectures to reduce complexity and cost and support digital transformation initiatives.

Discover our Federation Framework

Use every kind of content

Drive more value from the content your business uses, no matter what content or media you use — including documents, high-res images and videos, 3D renderings, design files, and more.

Flex your data model

Develop apps that mirror the systems and business objects that matter in your business, from product information to talent records, claims to AFP streams. Nuxeo’s metadata model is infinitely flexible and extensible — the glue that holds the pieces of your business together.

Atomize & transform

Create high volumes of content and make new renditions fast, to drive more personalized experiences and content for your users around the globe.

Discover our Transformation services

Made for
the largest repositories

Built on Docker and Kubernetes, the Nuxeo Platform scales elastically, regardless of the number of users or volume of content. And our modern, cloud-native architecture makes Nuxeo efficient to operate and effortless to employ new releases and updates.

Ready for
massive processing

Kafka guarantees that all asynchronous jobs are queued correctly and completed efficiently, improving overall system performance. The distributed nature of Kafka makes it a perfect complement to Nuxeo’s horizontally scalable, high-availability architecture.

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