Go Beyond Digital Asset Management Systems

Manage, access, and use all of your digital and rich media assets with Nuxeo's enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities.

From advanced search to enterprise scalability, flexible metadata models, and configurable taxonomies, the Nuxeo Platform is ideal for complex, enterprise DAM applications where out-of-the-box solutions fall short.

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It’s time to go beyond marketing.

In the world of consumer packaged goods, manufacturers rely on large and ever-changing product portfolios. Traditional marketing DAM systems lack the flexibility and sophistication CPG companies need to manage the full creative lifecycle and they can’t adapt as business needs change.

Bring products to market faster and more profitably, using a solution that unleashes the full power of your business’s complex content ecosystem. Nuxeo can help you rethink, re-engineer, and revolutionize your content supply chain.

Accelerate your creative content creation

Do More With your DAM System

Digital package prototyping. Global integration of talent records with your creative and social media teams. Product information instantly updated in every e-commerce channel. There’s a better way to manage your creative and product content — and Nuxeo is the only DAM system that does it all.


Connect the Dots

Flexibly associate business objects across systems to get a holistic handle on real-world relationships between products, projects, and assets — and make predictions with easy-to-use, business-specific AI from Nuxeo Insight.


Control the Flow

Fine-tune your workflows like never before: trigger almost any asset change or system event, even in integrated systems, based on any event, for any object from assets and products to photoshoots and distribution rules.


Change the Rules

Configurable, low-code, API-first architecture gives you the power to quickly and easily change how content is managed and makes it easy to add new pieces to your technology stack without costly customization — and without breaking what already works.

Core Features you Can Count On

• Ingest & Enrich
Upload all content types, including 3D and 360º assets, using bulk upload, hotfolders, and API upload. Enrich creative processes with planning, materials, commerce, and other contextual data.
• Automate & Streamline
Empower your creative supply chain with configurable workflows. Automate administrative tasks like notifications and file conversions, so creative teams can do more of what they do best.
• Search & Discover
Say goodbye to searches that get slower as you get bigger. Even in benchmark tests with a staggering 1 billion assets, it takes less than 1/20th of a second to search Nuxeo DAM.
• Publish & Analyze
Push finished assets or proxies to portals, social, web, or other systems. Then, monitor to generate insights from rich analytics and reporting on all your assets.
• Review & Revise
Get approvals with an audit trail. Review, annotate and transform all types of assets in Nuxeo DAM — including using the Nuxeo Adobe CC Connector to edit Creative Cloud files.

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