Nuxeo Platform, a content services solution for the modern era

With Nuxeo Platform, you get a modern content services platform combined with a delightful user experience that unlocks the full value of all of your company’s digital content — wherever they live.

Your local machine and Nuxeo are always in sync

Offline access to your critical content

You’re not always connected but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep working. With Nuxeo Drive, selected content is replicated to your local machine, so you can access the latest version anytime.

Browse, view, edit and organise

Working with Nuxeo content is easy, because it behaves like the other content stored on your computer. So you can access and edit it using your favorite tools and save the changes when you are done. Nuxeo will ensure you are always in sync.

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Product Features

Offline Access

Continue working with your content while offline. Nuxeo Drive detects changes, and starts or resumes synchronization when the network connection is available.

Conflict Resolution

When users simultaneously edit a document a conflict can occur. Nuxeo will preserve all changes and allows the users to review and decide what to do.


Nuxeo’s access control policies are enforced by Nuxeo Drive, preventing unauthorized access to your content.

Seamless Integration

Users select the files they want to synchronize, and Nuxeo Drive will ensure their content is always in sync. When a change is detected Nuxeo Drive will make the updates and ensure everyone has the latest version.

Multiple OS options

Nuxeo Drive is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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