Enterprise Content Management

The promise of ECM, delivered. Manage all of your traditional and rich content in their place while putting it to work with the industry's most advanced metadata tools.


Locating information quickly


Virtual repository

A single view of all the content spread throughout your enterprise.


Content is delivered on many different devices


Embed into your Existing IT Systems & Devices

Maximize the use and productivity of existing systems and processes with Nuxeo’s API-first architecture. Enable employees to work in the applications where they are most productive, while maintaining high levels of security and compliance with native integrations. We provide connectors to EFSS services like Google Drive or Dropbox, but also Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud and many others.


Future-Proof Solutions


Realize the full potential of every asset

Build a solution that can have a limitless number of data attributes to help realize the full value of every single asset. Allow its use without being limited by asset type, size or complexity. This will enable you to deploy even the most complex business workflows and data models at enterprise scale, mirroring your business.

Product Features

Rich meta-data

Define the content model for the specific needs of your business, with custom metadata and vocabularies for simplified content description and discovery.

Support for all content types

An ECM system for all content with the features you would expect for managing traditional content and rich media.


You can’t use what you can't find. Nuxeo employs Elasticsearch, the latest search technology , so users can quickly find what they are looking for.


Put all your content to work with native workflow. Quickly review and approve content, create cases, model and optimize your business processes.

User centric

Users can work the way they want, enhance user productivity through tight integration with business and productivity applications like Adobe Creative Suite, Office 365, Slack, Google Drive/Docs.


Native content and process analytics gives you insight into your business. Identify process bottlenecks, your most active customers, and the content that matters most.

Data is Key

Completely modern, modular, architecture. We only invest in innovation.

Architecture Matters

If you get it wrong, you can’t change it later.

Change is a Process

To succeed, your technology must keep up. You should never go legacy again.

People Come First

We have to earn your business every day because you’re only as good as your latest contribution.

They Trust Us

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