Nuxeo Edge Cache

Improve the speed and security of your digital assets transfers

Reducing download time is always a big challenge in ECM when the volume of your content is a magnitude larger in size and throughput, and you begin to have an increasing number of concurrent users. Your digital asset platform must be highly performant to enable your organization digital asset strategy to scale in the future.

We built Nuxeo Edge Cache to help you reduce your enterprise content download time up to 95% and bandwidth consumption up to 90% while keeping your digital assets safe at all times even when cached.

Improve Transfer Time

Nuxeo Edge Cache

Nuxeo Edge Cache acts as a proxy for faster downloads

A great addition to cloud deployments or for customers with multiple remote sites, Nuxeo Edge Cache removes the need to download the same file again and again at a given site when several users want to access the same content.

Secure your Transfers

Each time a user downloads digital assets through the proxy, the digital asset is stored, encrypted, in the cache server, and can be returned directly when another user is asking for the same.

The server encrypts the data with a unique key, which isn't shared with the cache. When a client requests a document or any complex digital asset from the server, it gets redirected to its local cache (if any), and is given the unique key to decrypt the file.

The client also uses cryptographic signature verification to ensure the file delivered by the cache hasn’t been tampered with.

Transparent for End Users

Nuxeo Edge Cache works transparently with any client (Web Browser, Nuxeo Drive, or Nuxeo API Clients). There is no change in how users and applications work and collaborate on content, yet it guarantees your organization a high level of security, and more efficiency in the daily work of your users. The only thing to configure on the Edge Cache is the IP range for which computer will make use of the proxy when requesting files on the Nuxeo server. Nuxeo Edge Cache is auto-installable and provides a GUI for the configuration.

One Edge Cache for All Nuxeo Applications

One Edge Cache per site can handle several Nuxeo servers. New projects and applications will benefit immediately from your infrastructure without additional cost or time.