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Introduction in Video

Nuxeo Live Connect enables developers to build application logic using files stored in cloud-based file services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, just as if those files resided directly within the Nuxeo Platform. Users enjoy the file sharing and collaboration benefits of these cloud-based file sharing systems as well as access to their ecosystem of editing applications - all while working within the Nuxeo Platform. Nuxeo Live Connect bridges the gap between enterprise content management and cloud file storage by actively utilizing all of the information assets in your business processes. You will gain new business value from those assets, add context to data in relation to company processes and daily tasks, and drive business operations to a new level of productivity and success.

Detailed Features

Full Search

No matter whether your content is stored on file sharing platforms or within the Nuxeo Platform itself, users will benefit from a unified and powerful search. All text found in cloud-based content are sent to the Elasticsearch index, enabling native Nuxeo Platform searches using NXQL as well as from standard search screens of the Web UI.


Preview & Thumbnail

The Nuxeo Platform Web UI can now show the same file thumbnail as seen in Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or OneDrive enabling your application to present a familiar-looking, consistent user interface. Users are presented with the actual Google Drive preview within the Nuxeo Platform Web UI.


Native Editors and Cloud Apps

Files in any application registered on your account can be opened for editing and saved from the Nuxeo Platform depending on the MIME type of the content. For example, files stored in Google Drive can be opened with a native Google Drive editor, such as Google Docs, or you can launch a third-party SaaS application, such as Lucidchart for editing flow chart/diagram files. Nuxeo Live Connect empowers end users to freely collaborate on the Nuxeo Platform with native Google Drive editors, as well as connecting user with third-party SaaS applications.

Native Editor

Major Providers

Unlike other tools that might require you to copy content residing in these file sharing applications and convert them to a different file type to store in the file system, Nuxeo Live Connect links to the live version of your cloud-based files and freely integrates them with other content in the Nuxeo Platform’s workflow system. Nuxeo Live Connect already integrates Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Box and Microsoft 365.

Google Drive DropBox Box Microsoft OneDrive

File Download

Download a file directly from the file sharing provider’s servers to the end user’s local system. The file download is made possible by redirecting the user's browser to the native download URL provided by the file sharing provider. The file download does not go through the network the Nuxeo instance is hosted on, benefitting the provider’s network while saving Nuxeo Platform resources.

PDF Conversion

Users don’t need to manually export the PDF from the web UI of their chosen system. The PDF file can then be inserted into any business process or workflow within the Nuxeo Platform.

Document Updates

If a document is updated within the file sharing service, the Nuxeo Platform will automatically update references to that document including its full text index, thumbnail and filename, as well as its workflow status. In turn, an alert might be triggered to inform the manager the document must be reviewed for approval again in light of the late revision.

Native Versioning

Add robust controlled versioning of files - a capability generally not offered by file sharing providers. When a version of the document is created in the Nuxeo Platform, a versioning order is sent to the backend to make a version of the file on the backend, ensuring the ability to restore the file in the future as needed.

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