Nuxeo Vision breaks open your content bottleneck

With Nuxeo Platform, you get a modern content services platform combined with a delightful user experience that unlocks the full value of all of your company’s digital content — wherever they live.

Too much content to describe it all

Nuxeo Vision enrich content descriptions to make all your content easier to find, at any volume.

Misaligned incentives across the organization

Busy contributors don’t have time fully describe content they upload. Nuxeo Vision reduces the burden of describing content on contributors, who often invest minimal effort.

Contributors that use their favorite terms, not yours

Nuxeo Vision describes your content in language familiar to all your stakeholders.

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Product Features

Enriched content descriptions

Automatically identify and label common objects, landmarks, emotions, brand logos, and predominant colors, within images and video.

Text detection & extraction

Detect and extract text using OCR to enrich descriptions, start workflows, or automate tasks to gain business insight and drive business logic.

Content Flagging

Protect your brand by identifying restricted terms or inappropriate content in images and video.

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