Designed to provide “future-proof” flexibility, the Nuxeo Platform offers key implementation options to stay ahead of fast-changing requirements:

One billion benchmark

Nuxeo’s hybrid architecture approach has been validated to the tune of one billion documents yielding the following results:

15x faster document processing (i.e. 30,000 docs / s)
5x faster bulk import
50% faster reads than SQL via REST API
80% faster updates

A passion for improvement

When we say the Nuxeo Platform was “created by developers, for developers,” we mean it. As a company, we are constantly designing, coding, and assuring new capabilities, features, plugins, and connectors for multiple environments. Additionally, Nuxeo customers are provided with the same testing and benchmarking tools used by our own development and QA teams, including Funkload (our web load tester), Gatling (our stress tester), and full documentation with recommendations for everything else.

They Trust Us

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