A custom experience without knowing code

With our low-code, open source platform, our customers are truly agile, gaining more value, more quickly than with traditional ECM or DAM products.

Build the application of your dreams in a snap

Configure, don’t code

You don’t have to be a programmer to create powerful applications. With Nuxeo Studio, users get an easy-to-use, wizard based, graphical interface where they can define business objects, types of content, workflows, taxonomy, and user experience. In short, Nuxeo Studio enables rapid configuration of the Nuxeo Platform without the need for additional IT or engineering expertise.

Design your workflows

Nuxeo Studio provides a graphical workflow designer that allows you to quickly model your processes and put your content to work. This intuitive design environment means you can get started right away.


Customize your content layout

Maximize content effectiveness by defining how it should be presented to your users. Nuxeo doesn't take a one size fits all approach to content, because we understand that different types of content require a different user experience.

Version your application

With Nuxeo Studio, you application definitions are versioned and are always forward-compatible with latest Nuxeo release. Not only does this help you save time and resources, but it also lets you maintain control of the entire application development and deployment cycle.

Nuxeo Studio Features


Adapt to your liking, add your own application logos, colors, and other branding elements.


Define how you want to view your content and how search results should be displayed. You can customize the definition of a dynamic query, or even the sort criteria.


Create or import vocabulary lists to help users make the right choice. Use them in a drop-down lists to assign document metadata, for example.

Hot Reloading

This allows instant and frequent reviews of Nuxeo Studio customizations. Don’t stop your production application just because you need to make changes.

Branch Management

Nuxeo Studio applies the capabilities of the underlying Git repository to your project. So you can take advantage of branch creation & merge, local commits and conflict management.


Create your own business logic to automate time consuming content activities. For example, users can automate the conversion, watermarking and approval process of an image in a single action.

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