Nuxeo Studio

With an easy-to-use graphical interface, Nuxeo Studio enables the rapid configuration of the Nuxeo Platform. A configuration and customization environment provided as a hosted web-based tool.

Branch Management, Git Based

We are exposing a lot more capabilities of the underlying Git repository where your project is stored:

  • Create branches and merge them
  • Commit locally many times before sharing with others
  • Easy conflict management
  • Save multiple updates for one commit, and do several commits before pushing them to the common branch

Transparent Upgrades

With Nuxeo Studio, projects are always compatible with new features and new versions, transparently. Not only does this help you save time and resources, but you also avoid project glitches and maintain control of the whole development and deployment chain.

Smooth Deployment

Because it's directly connected to your application, deployment process with Nuxeo Studio is so simple. Create a plug-in and deploy in on a production or test environment only takes few clicks.

Version Compatibility

When you need to upgrade your Nuxeo Platform installation, Nuxeo Studio ensures that your custom developments are compatible with the new application version.

Hot Reload

A hot reload feature allows for instant and frequent reviews of Nuxeo Studio customizations, without requiring a lengthy process for installation of a package and application restart.

High Level Features

Nuxeo Studio offers an extensive application design and development feature set. With a graphical interface and a set of configurable examples, Nuxeo Studio enables application builders to customize without coding, greatly reducing time and resource requirements for Nuxeo Platform-based content management applications.

They Trust Us

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The Nuxeo Platform enabled us to build our application to manage video game builds in seven months versus an estimated 12-13 months for a solution developed in-house. We accelerated our time to deployment by nearly 50%.
Steve Scivally, Technical Director, Electronic Arts

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