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7 Ways to Improve your Product Asset Management

7 Ways to Improve your Product Asset Management

At trend-driven product companies, new product development predicts success or failure, but scaling and accelerating product development has proven difficult for many of the world’s largest companies. The biggest problem holding back these efforts: the tangled web of the product development process.

This guide explores how product driven companies can improve their product asset management using a modern Content Services Platform, like Nuxeo Platform.

What's inside

This guide explores how product driven companies can accelerate their product creative life cycle using a modern platform like Nuxeo.

Creating hundreds or thousands of new SKUs every season relies on many teams working on many processes, from materials selection and product photography to in-market distribution and promotion. Optimizing interlinked processes one by one, however, rarely accelerates the end-to-end design-to-shelf timeline enough to transform the business’s competitive position.

This guide, created for managers and executives at product driven companies, answers three main questions:
How does accelerating product introduction grow market share in an era of market disruption?
What opportunities for acceleration exist throughout the product design, development, and go-to-market process?
Why do many efforts to streamline and accelerate product development fail to deliver real results — and what is required for success?

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