The Artificial Intelligence "Yin" Needs a Business "Yang"

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Seven years ago, everyone was talking about Big Data. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the new buzzwords.

This AIIM tip sheet explores some big opportunities with AI and machine learning:

  1. Turn unstructured information (documents, images, audio, video, etc.) into structured data, making all information searchable and actionable
  2. Business specific AI enables content to become a new source of insight and value rather than a controlled risk

For the Artificial Intelligence “Yin” to reach its full potential, it is critical to integrate these capabilities into a business-specific “Yang.” And this is where a modern content services platform is key.

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Type: Issue Brief

Topics: Content Services, Enterprise Content Management, Application Modernization, Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence "Yin" Needs a Business "Yang"
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