Hot Vendors in Modern Content Management, 2017

Hot Vendors in Modern Content Management, 2017

Digital transformation demands that solutions provide the ability to manage both traditional documents as well as rich media, and automate document-related processes. This Aragon research note highlights four Hot Vendors who are leading the charge into Modern Content Management.

Enterprise content needs are changing and Modern Content Management platforms are emerging to respond to these changes.

The legacy approach to enterprise content management is no longer working. Documents management solutions have evolved with digital transformation. See how we’re making a difference among ECM vendors.

Read this report to understand:

What defines a Modern Content Management Platform

The importance of enterprise video and visual collaboration

How to manage both documents and videos in one solution

Why business process automation is critical to digital transformation

Discover why Nuxeo was recognized as a Hot Vendor in modern Content Management by Aragon Research.

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Type: Analyst Report

Topics: Content Services, Enterprise Content Management

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