Architecting Applications to Scale in the Cloud

Scale in the Cloud with AWS & Nuxeo

This paper provides an architectural overview for building and deploying scalable content management applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using the Nuxeo Platform.

AWS and similar cloud-service offerings have revolutionized the ways in which organizations approach application development and deployment. As cloud services continue to mature, the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model has been steadily gaining recognition and favor. The abstraction layers offer a particularly effective means for developers to focus on coding and to implement a variety of business applications efficiently on public clouds.

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Scale in the Cloud with AWS & Nuxeo

Using a PaaS model optimized for the capabilities and features of AWS, Nuxeo has designed an extensible modular framework for handling high-volume document management and complex digital asset management tasks—with high scalability and reliability. This design framework makes it possible for developers to efficiently leverage AWS and customize the platform for a diverse variety of requirements.

AWS for Content Management

Architecting Applications for the Cloud

Tailoring Applications to Individual IaaS Capabilities

Scale Out and Distributed Architecture

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