Architecture for a Scalable Content Repository

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Hybrid Architecture SQL NoSQL

This paper reviews the architectural choices behind integrating MongoDB and Elasticsearch into the Nuxeo Platform as they relate to performance and scalability.

Scaling content storage is easy, thanks to content-addressable storage, big disks and cloud stores, however scaling the data model is harder due to three major trends disrupting Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology.

Learn why these three disruptions may result in SQL databases no longer providing sufficient scale for your ECM data model. Learn how Nuxeo solved this challenge with a hybrid SQL + NoSQL architecture.

Covered in this tech brief:

  • 3 major disruptions to ECM
  • Scaling the data model beyond the limits of SQL
  • Nuxeo’s hybrid NoSQL content repository engine
  • SQL or NoSQL? You decide

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Type: Whitepaper

Topics: Developers