Attract New Consumers with your Existing Products

3 Ways to Attract New Consumers with your Existing Products

Today’s consumer goods market is becoming more niche and personalized. Demographic consumption habits have become a complex and varied landscape, and success in the CPG industry depends on learning to navigate it.

Getting ahead of the competition as new niches emerge often means expanding product lines and introducing new brands — but it doesn’t always have to. Technology can empower large consumer goods companies to score quick wins with the products you already carry, without waiting for product line expansions and brand development.

What's inside

Learn how CPG companies can attract millennial and niche consumers by providing accurate product information, staying on trend, and personalizing experiences.

This paper helps category managers, brand strategists, and shopper marketers answer three questions:

Why are mini-niches and microtrends the new normal — and will it keep going on this way?

How can large consumer goods manufacturers successfully market their existing product selection to niche customers?

What can CPG companies do to gain loyalty and customer satisfaction from consumers with niche consumption habits?

Explore how Nuxeo helps CPG companies attract new customers with existing products and provide their consumers with the information they need to make the choices they want.

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