Best Practices in Enterprise Video and Digital Asset Management

The world has evolved from “document-centric” to “everything-centric”. The value in videos, images and other digital content, has become more important in global organizations. As a result, topics such as storage requirements, workflows, renditions, and integrated systems have become priorities.

Watch this KMWorld sponsored webinar on-demand featuring Mike Urbonas, Director of Product Marketing at Nuxeo, who talks about how organizations can leverage a modern, cloud-native content management platform for secure access to digital content, whether it’s hosted on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid storage infrastructure.

Key focus areas of this webinar includes:

  • How to integrate enterprise video and digital assets with other content in your organization
  • How to drive value for your organization by better utilizing digital assets
  • How to ensure your content repository is secure but also accessible anywhere and from any device

Learn how the Nuxeo Platform provides massive scalability and flexibility for complex digital assets in today’s digital workplace.

View the slides:

Type: Video

Topics: Digital Asset Management