Cloud-Native Digital Asset Management for the Digital Workplace

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Learn how the Nuxeo Platform helps eliminate content boundaries and serves as a strong foundation for a flexible and powerful digital workplace.

Increasing customer demands and the advancement of a digital services-based economy drive major changes in application development. Traditional models of infrastructure, software development and deployment must adapt, moving toward a more dynamic and extensible operating model.

Business success today requires a new digital workplace technology approach. Your workforce must be able to quickly access, create, share and act upon digital content - anytime, anywhere, across departments and geographic boundaries.

This eBook explores the key technologies that make this possible and provides further resources to help you make a true digital workplace a reality in your organization.

Covered in this eBook:

  • Why a cloud-native architecture is a must-have for growing enterprise organizations
  • How to integrate cloud-based content into your DAM application
  • How to seamlessly work with and edit content in native editors while maintaining version control

Type: Whitepaper

Topics: Digital Asset Management, Cloud