Integrate Big Data Analytics with Content Management

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Learn how the Nuxeo Platform makes big data analytics operational, pervasive, and actionable.

Big data analytic engines such as Apache Spark and Amazon Kinesis, provide the computing power to process clickstreams, sensor data, and other high volume, high velocity machine-generated data. An integrated content management system can use this data to identify potential opportunities or problems, and provide further insight into the application performance and user experience.

This paper explains how to integrate big data analytics with a content repository and the benefits of using big data calculations for operational improvements.

Download this white paper to learn how to:

  • Improve big data analytic calculations by integrating metadata from the Nuxeo repository
  • Make big data pervasive and achieve widespread adoption
  • Use big data analytic results to optimize your business processes and content performance

Type: Whitepaper

Topics: Digital Asset Management