Digital Asset Management: Build Better Applications

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This tech brief reviews the evolution of content in the software-defined enterprise and how digital asset management applications are redefining content, big data, and business process.

Increasing customer demands and the advancement of a digital services-based economy drive major changes in application development. Traditional models of infrastructure, software development and deployment must adapt, moving toward a more dynamic and extensible operating model.

One area of particular importance is Digital Asset Management (DAM). Traditionally, the primary purposes were for storage, lifecycle management, sharing of content, and retrieving assets. While those needs haven’t gone away, organizations are beginning to recognize that the content they create and obtain through daily operations is a key driver of innovation. These organizations build DAM applications to manage this content.

Using an extensible and customizable content management platform for digital asset management applications, allows developers to rapidly create complex content models, internal and external workflows, integrations to other systems, and a custom UI. The challenges caused by implementing legacy ECM systems have allowed agile content management providers to gain a foothold. Modern ECMs provide content services and collaboration via the cloud, recognize new channels and devices, and make it easier to develop quickly and modify applications as business requirements change.

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Type: Issue Brief

Topics: Digital Asset Management