6 Opportunities for In-House Agencies to Excel

6 Opportunities for In-House Agencies to Excel

Today’s in-house creative studios impact not just marketing, but the full idea-to-shelf lifecycle, from product design through to customer experience. They are positioned to make a real impact on the business. The world of creative services has changed with 20% more companies establishing in-house agencies in the last five years.

The original reasoning for bringing creative work in-house was for the efficiency savings and cost benefits, but in today’s market, customer experience matters more than ever.

What's inside

This paper outlines six opportunities that enable in-house agencies to excel and proactively position themselves for the future.

This paper focuses on six ways to position your in-house agency for the future:

  • Plan for growth
  • Build partnerships
  • Drive business alignment
  • Involve the business
  • Protect IP
  • Manage risk

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