Extending CMIS to Improve Digital Asset Management

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The Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard is an important component of Digital Asset Management for many organizations, but knowing how to maximize its effectiveness is the key.

Modern organizations embrace technologies such as cloud, analytics, mobile, and embedded devices, as core components of their business strategy, operations and for revenue growth. These organizations are referred to as “digital enterprises.”

Digital enterprises must eliminate silos of information to improve efficiency and increase effective collaboration. CMIS has allowed organizations to do this.

The CMIS standard has helped facilitate much of today’s information sharing. It enables clients and servers to communicate in HTTP using a unified domain model. This improves digital asset management, particularly for external applications that need to perform simple Store and Retrieve actions from the content repository.

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  • How to extend the capabilities of CMIS for DAM

  • The common use cases for digital asset management in today’s organizations

  • Why CMIS remains an important component for many enterprises

Type: Issue Brief

Topics: Digital Asset Management, Integrations