GDPR - After the Deadline

GDPR - After the Deadline

Today, consumers are subject to unprecedented incursions to their privacy. The juxtaposition of big data, cloud computing, predictive analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) enables organizations to collect and process vast amounts of information about them.

Taken together, these create a digital fingerprint of behaviors that may expose personally identifiable information.

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What's inside

This AIIM eBook explores the realities of the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, in the months following its introduction into European law in May 2018.

There is a sense of capitulation among consumers and business that in this digital age, privacy rights are destined to erode — and in response, governments and regulators are stepping in.

Read this Nuxeo sponsored AIIM eBook to discover the realities of the European GDPR in the months following its introduction. The eBook explores:

  • How organizations view the emerging challenges tied to information privacy and security.
  • At the deadline, where were organizations in their GDPR journey and how much did they spend to get there?
  • How do organizations assess their progress in meeting the core requirements of GDPR?

This AIIM research highlights some valuable and shocking insights, and will prove of benefit to anyone charged with managing GDPR compliance, or concerned that their organization is not doing enough towards it.

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