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Combining Web Content Management and Digital Asset Management platforms allows you to create the best customer experience for visitors across all channels.

WCM platforms, such as Hippo, offer unprecedented mechanisms to connect with website visitors and DAM platforms, like Nuxeo, to manage digital assets in a central repository. In this 45 minute video, you will learn how building a website with Hippo and Nuxeo, or adding Nuxeo to your existing website, will enrich your digital customer experience.

Built upon the CMIS standard, the Nuxeo and Hippo CMS integration features complementary strengths in information management. With high flexibility, the connector ensures that content coming from all sources can be easily managed in the Nuxeo Platform and accessible on a Hippo-based website. Jeroen Reijn from Hippo and Josh Fletcher from Nuxeo, will show you why the connector between the two Java-based platforms is a natural extension, bringing high value functionality to developers, content architects, and end users of both systems.

This video explains how to:

  • Combine a DAM and WCM platform to give the best solution to your visitors, users, and customers

  • Expose internal content using full APIs

  • Eliminate duplicated information, and maintain history, workflow, versioning, and associated metadata

Presented By:

Jeroen Reijn
Lead Architect - Hippo Professional Services
Jeroen likes to gets things done. He’s a committer at the Apache Software Foundation and general Open Source enthusiast. He tweets, blogs, blogs even more, and shares his code experiments.

Josh Fletcher Josh Fletcher
Senior Solution Architect - Nuxeo
Josh joined Nuxeo after 9 years at 4D, a company that provides integrated platforms for developers. Josh works in the technical sales team to make sure prospects have a great experience exploring the solutions Nuxeo has to offer. Follow Josh on Twitter.

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Type: Video

Topics: REST API, Digital Asset Management, Integrations