How to Implement Intelligent Information Management Strategies

How to Implement Intelligent Information Management Strategies

Discover the best practices for starting a strategic enterprise content management (ECM) modernization project.

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Enterprises know that rip-and-replace projects have high implementation costs and low adoption rates — so why do they keep happening?

Often, it’s because the people responsible for selecting a new information management vendor simply believe that full migration to a new Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system is the only alternative to the status quo.

The best practice is to approach your modernization efforts in a more strategic manner; with a modern and highly-adaptable platform serving as the connective fabric that links to your existing information systems.

This 2-page brief explores how to:

  • Achieve better ROI and TCO
  • Connect systems with APIs

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This brief is part of 5-parts series:

  1. Learn the difference between Content Management & Content Services
  2. Get a content management system evaluation criteria list
  3. Understand why is information management important
  4. Discover how to implement intelligent information management
  5. Finally, read the best way to replace your ECM
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