Should I Replace my Old ECM Software with a New One?

Should I Replace my Old ECM Software with a New One?

This brief explores why rip-and-replace projects fail and how to improve user adoption rates while reducing risk through modernization.

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Let’s be honest, system migrations can be brutal.

Users complain about needing to learn a new system, that the old one works, and so on. IT has to ensure the new system has all of the required functionality, disruptions are minimized, etc.

These concerns are valid and form a large part of the reason why there are so many legacy applications in enterprises today. It takes strong will and determination to replace an existing solution with something new.

Read this 2-page brief to learn why modernization doesn’t mean leaving behind what works best — or alienating hard-working teams that may be resistant to change.

This brief is part of 5-parts series:

  1. Learn the difference between Content Management & Content Services
  2. Get a content management system evaluation criteria list
  3. Understand why is information management important
  4. Discover how to implement intelligent information management
  5. Finally, read the best way to replace your ECM
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