Omnichannel Merchandising Best Practices for CPG

Omnichannel Merchandising Best Practices for CPG

This paper explores how large CPG companies can benefit from an omnichannel merchandising strategy using a modern content platform like Nuxeo.

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Omnichannel Merchandising Best Practices for CPG

With half a trillion dollars spent online in the United States in 2018, eCommerce now represents a full 15% of total retail sales — a percentage that is growing every quarter.

While eCommerce channels are centers of growth for multiple brands, many big consumer goods companies are having difficulty adapting to omnichannel strategies.The result: hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue.

This paper answers three main questions for category managers, brand strategists, and shopper marketers at large CPG companies:
Why are we struggling to maintain market share in eCommerce channels?
How can we better meet consumer demands for more online product information?
How can we effectively scale merchandising efforts across a multitude of eCommerce channels?

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