Recapturing Market Share From Small and Mid-Sized Brands

Recapturing Market Shares From Retail and CPG Brands

Explore how large CPG manufacturers can survive the explosion of small, niche brands during an age of changing consumer preferences.

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Recapturing Market Shares From Retail and CPG Brands

As large CPG manufacturers move into an omnichannel, digital era, historic advantages for the largest CPG brands are fading. Smaller, newer companies and brands have captured billions of dollars from bigger rivals.

For category managers, brand strategists, and shopper marketers, this paper explores the root causes and impacts of today’s small brand explosion on some of the world’s bestknown CPG brands.

It answers two important questions:
How are small brands taking advantage of the changing CPG landscape to take market share from larger competitors?

How can large CPG companies avoid being “nibbled to death” by emerging small competitors?

Download the white paper to learn how large CPG companies can address rapidly-changing consumer preferences by nurturing a hundred unique brand flowers to bloom — all in a single greenhouse.

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