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Strong Brand Management Requires Enterprise DAM

Strong Brand Management Requires Enterprise DAM

This paper reviews why enterprise digital asset management (DAM) is vital to successful brand management. Discover how enterprise DAM empowers workers and managers across departments, regions and countries to design, collaborate, track, publish and re-purpose digital assets, in ways that workgroup oriented DAM tools for small teams cannot match.

The fastest way to achieve a strong brand reputation is to build trust. Creating new digital media that builds customer trust requires enterprise digital asset management. Enterprise-level DAM is a force multiplier, enabling faster and more effective digital asset planning and design that builds trust, brand reputation and new business.

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This paper reviews why an enterprise digital asset management solution is vital for the successful brand management of global organizations.

Brands that cling to old school notions of interruptive marketing and internally focused brand management will fall behind. Successful brands win by cultivating genuine customer engagement with that’s both relevant and authentic.

This white paper covers:

  • Why legacy digital asset management is placing your brand at risk
  • How enterprise DAM enables digital transformation and is the key to brand protection & consistency
  • Key Digital Asset Management benefits of adopting an cloud solution
  • How enterprise organizations use the Nuxeo Platform for brand management

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