Video: Building Form-Centric Applications with Nuxeo Studio

Organizations are in the midst of a massive shift to web-based online forms, responding to the need to reduce the cost of data collection, minimize errors resulting from incorrectly completed forms, and provide improved service to their clients.

Effective, well-designed online forms can reduce friction for users, minimize the time required to complete a form, and make the entry process as clear and error free as possible. Watch this 15 minute video on demand to learn how Nuxeo Studio allows developers to quickly and easily build form-centric applications.

This 15 minute video includes:

  • The basic steps to workflow-oriented form design

  • Form design in Nuxeo Studio

  • An example of a workflow-based form (DEMO)

View the slides:

Building Form-Centric Applications with Nuxeo Studio from Nuxeo

Type: Video

Topics: Enterprise Content Management, Developers