What is DAM? A Tale of Two Marketing Departments.

It was the best of departments, it was the worst of departments. The difference? Digital Asset Management (DAM).

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Things to know before buying Digital Asset Management

How does DAM impact your marketing teams?
How does it provide value for your company?
What are the competitive advantages of a company using DAM?
Why would teams want to adopt it?

In other words: What difference does a DAM system make?

Modern DAM software feature lists can seem intimidating and tough to translate into real-world benefits.

In this marketing brief, we’ll take a closer look at two CPG companies that we’ll call Widget and Gizmo. Both Widget and Gizmo are comparably sized with similar levels of organizational complexity; the companies’ processes and solutions are based on real companies with and without DAM implementations.

Check out this piece for a light-hearted walk through typical marketing department challenges - and how DAM can solve them!

Find out why you need a DAM solution for your marketing team

What is DAM? A Tale of Two Marketing Departments.

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