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Our track record of quality coding and training standards ensures that your Nuxeo application will be successful, easily maintained, and adaptable to meet your changing requirements.

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Premium Support

Besides resolving issues quickly, support team members will address customer comments, questions, and suggestions to ensure that content evolutions are closely tied to positive customer experiences.

Choose your Service Level

From normal business hours to 24/7, the Nuxeo team provides the support you need when you need it.

Online Portal

Open your support ticket via a JIRA portal and get your answer within the time contracted in your service agreement.

Customer Success Team

Our customer success team will follow you all along your project to ensure sharing best practices, or architecture tips, and ensure your rolls out run smoothly.

Online Services

In addition to your support subscription, you’ll get access to additional tools like Nuxeo Studio to configure your application to your liking or the Nuxeo Marketplace to install plug-in easily.

Consulting Packages

Our team of experts is available from the start of your project, your next upgrade, or your next project. Raise your hand if you need help.

Project Jumpstart

By putting the right concepts and practices in place early-on, you can ensure a tremendous launch.

Architecture Workshop

In order to better integrate your Nuxeo application within your organization, attend a workshop to learn the finer point of content storage, security, and scalability.

QA Bootstrap

We provide you with a complete set of tools and sustainable processes to maximize the efficiency and quality of your development process and version upgrades.

Upgrade Assessment

Review your application code for safe and efficient upgrades along with recommendations for future versions.

Performance Tuning

For better benchmarking, a Nuxeo advisor can build tailored performance tests and recommend improvements.

Training Sessions

We regularly organize trainings in our offices or we can also send our team of trainers to you. Please contact us for more information.

Studio Configuration

Through a practical use case, attendees can take advantage of Nuxeo Studio , including:

  • Reviewing functionality
  • Defining your content model and structure
  • Customizing display and search
  • Implementing business logic

Nuxeo Developer Basics

During a practical use case, attendees can enhance their proficiency of Nuxeo tools and available APIs to develop new features such as custom operations, services, and unit tests.


Amit Sharma - Senior Manager of Enterprise Architecture

Amit Sharma - Senior Manager of Enterprise Architecture
We needed a platform with better search capabilities, document storage, and other 21st century content services technologies. We were using ‘end of life’ technology from a proprietary vendor, and it simply was not meeting our needs and requirements. Read more
Electronic Arts

Steve Scivally - RPM Director

Steve Scivally - RPM Director
We accelerated our time to deployment by nearly 50%. Read more
Nucleus Research
We found that Nuxeo users are almost evangelical in their support of the Nuxeo Platform.
Gartner Magic Quadrant Content Services Platforms
Discover why Gartner has recognized Nuxeo as a Visionary in the 2017 MQ for CSP.
Aragon Research
Goldman Sachs
Kennet Partners

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