Our track record of quality coding and development standards, combined with knowledge transfer to your teams, ensures that your Nuxeo content management application will be successful, easy to maintain, and flexible enough to grow with your changing requirements.

Premium Support

Nuxeo Team

The support team at Nuxeo is an integral part of the R&D team, and another point of connection between the customer and the platform designers. Besides resolving issues, support team members channel customer comments, questions and suggestions to the product teams to ensure that platform evolutions are closely tied to the customer experience.

The Nuxeo Platform enabled us to build our application to manage video game builds in seven months versus an estimated 12-13 months for a solution developed in-house. We accelerated our time to deployment by nearly 50%.
Steve Scivally, Electronic Arts

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Consulting Packages

Project Jumpstart

By framing your solution in such a way as to benefit the most from the platform, and putting the right concepts and practices in place early-on, you will ensure your project gets off to a tremendous start.

Architecture Workshop

Master the Nuxeo integration model, extension points, and service APIs in order to be able to integrate your Nuxeo application seamlessly within your enterprise landscape. Learn the finer points of how Nuxeo manages storage, security, and scalability.

Development and QA Process Bootstrap

Provide you with a complete set of tools and processes to maximize the efficiency and quality of your development process in order to facilitate maintenance and version upgrades and ensure a sustainable application.

Upgrade Assessment

Have a Nuxeo engineer lead your development team from scope right through to production deployment, and take advantage of the all benefits the Nuxeo Consulting practice has to offer.

Embedded Specialist

Review your application code for a safe and efficient version upgrade with recommendations for the use of features in the new version.

Benchmarking & Performance Tuning

A Nuxeo expert will build a custom benchmark campaign with runnable automated tests and offer solutions for tuning performance.

Training Sessions

Configuration with Nuxeo Studio

Through a practical use case, attendees will take advantage of the capacities of Nuxeo Studio. They will perform from the ground up a whole configuration cycle of a Nuxeo Document Management application, including:

  • Reviewing the main Nuxeo platform functionalities and concepts
  • Defining a document typology and structure
  • Customizing display and search
  • Implementing business logic
Development & Integration

During a practical use case, the attendees will leverage the capacities of Nuxeo tools and discover the basics of the Nuxeo API. Using them, they will develop new features on top of the Nuxeo platform and deploy them on their server. They will also push their user interface further with server-side validation logic and customized display templates.

System Administration

This training is meant to give the attendees the theorical knowledge and a first practical experience to install and maintain a Nuxeo Platform application for production use. Pratical exercises include setting up the application server and its related database, configuring an authentication mechanism, a review of tools to maintain and monitor the installation.

Development with REST API

The attendees will make use of the command oriented and resources oriented Nuxeo REST API. Key points covered include:

  • Taking control of the Nuxeo platform from an external application
  • Securing business logic calls
  • Uploading large files without compromising the server’s resources
  • Developing components to retrieve customized documents