Nuxeo Services

Our track record of quality coding and training standards ensures that your Nuxeo project will be successful, easily maintained, and adaptable to your changing requirements.


Nuxeo Connect: Your Online Portal

Open your support ticket via a JIRA portal and get your answer within the time contracted in your service agreement. Access Nuxeo Studio for a low-code design environment and Nuxeo Marketplace to add components within minutes.

Customer Success Team

Our customer success team will follow you all along your project to ensure sharing best practices, or architecture tips, and ensure your project rolls out run smoothly.

Consulting Packages

Our team of experts is available from the start of your project to the end. Contact us if you need our help.

Turnkey Project Implementation

Nuxeo will work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to rapidly deliver your application through design, configuration, roll-out, and hypercare. Leveraging the Nuxeo Agile Delivery Methodology (ADM), we combine the benefits of a true agile implementation (e.g. flexibility, user interaction, rapid results) and with the “guard rail” benefits characteristic of a traditional iterative or waterfall methodology.

Project Jumpstart and Enablement

Rapidly deliver a baseline Nuxeo configuration to support your full Nuxeo implementation. These services combine training, architecture workshops and content modelling with a baseline Nuxeo configuration.

Architecture and Content Modeling Workshop

An on-site design workshop to help define key architectural design principles, identify potential risks and issues and identify what extensions/enhancements may be needed to support the implementation. Typical topics include security and authentication, content model, storage, UI integration and technologies, Nuxeo modules, deployment architecture, and testing strategy.

Implementation Review

Review and analyze your existing Nuxeo implementation. Evaluate performance, scalability, data stores, security, content model, and integrations.

Application Optimization and Tuning

Implement architecture and performance tuning recommendations backed by proven benchmarks.

Get Certified

Advance your career by taking our courses and become a Nuxeo certified professional.

Hyland University

Training Sessions

Studio Configuration

Through hands-on exercises, attendees will learn about the fundamentals of using Nuxeo Studio. They will perform from the ground up a complete configuration cycle of a sample application, including: reviewing functionality, defining your content model and structure, customizing display and search, implementing business logic.

Nuxeo Developer Basics

The attendees will leverage the capacities of Nuxeo tools and discover the basics of the Nuxeo API. Using them, they will develop new features on top of the Nuxeo platform and deploy them on their server. They will also push their user interface further with server-side validation logic and customized display templates.