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With strong connectors to enterprise cloud applications and advanced search features, the Nuxeo Platform will allow you to actually benefit from your information, that could be hidden in plenty of information systems, applications and/or databases.

Knowledge Management in a Mobile Context Engineering data up-to-date and accessible from everywhere as the company grows and work environments changes. Read the case study >

« The knowledge management systems must be adapted to each business processes and environment. Knowledge flows and transformation of assets are key to a successful solution. »
  • Schema-flexible content model that can be faceted for fast evolving models and that can support thousands of fields per object, structured in any way.
  • Nuxeo Studio is a configuration and customization environment provided as a hosted web-based tool. With an easy-to-use graphical interface, Nuxeo Studio enables the rapid configuration of your UI to display only the search results you want to show, order them in your own way and make sure they are accurate on an ongoing basis
  • Fully customizable workflow that supports the flow of your own knowledge process
  • Knowledge asset lifecycle management, audit history, and relationships ensure traceability and ease of use within the repositorywith a powerful workflow engine including a visual designer, escalation rules and dynamic approval and review steps.
« Content creation and collaboration can take various formats and involve different departments. Content must be available from everywhere. »

    Collaborative workspaces providing a secure environment for an identified group of users and supporting important Knowledge Management collaboration features:

  • Versioning (including ad hoc checkin / checkout), locking and visually compare different versions
  • Collections / lightweight shared containers
  • Support for comments and email notifications
  • Dynamic workflow processes
  • Mobile collaboration
  • Bulk edit of documents in spreadsheet mode

    Connectors to cloud-based file sharing application like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or OneDrive, and many other cloud enterprise applications (, Adobe CC…) so your knowledge can actually be and accessible from anywhere and your users don’t ever need to leave their favorite application to update the information they own.

« We want to be able to identify quickly knowledge gaps (ex: search queries with no results), visualize main search areas, report on content quality, know what are the most searched asset etc. »
  • Data visualization toolkit for web developers to build custom analytic dashboards.
  • Visually monitor and track key metrics and trends to measure information sharing gaps and issues.
  • Quickly build operating dashboards for users to visualize search request hits, any content property or metadata, and more
  • Render your results using advanced charting elements, can leverage any JavaScript charting library
  • Leverage the distributed computation power of Elasticsearch
  • Pure HTML5, Web Components

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The Nuxeo Advantage:

  • Schema-flexible content model
  • Can be faceted for fast evolving models
  • Support of thousands of fields per object

An advanced knowledge base is just one example of what you can do with the Nuxeo Platform - a complete enterprise-grade business application development platform

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