US Navy

The Nuxeo Platform, offering strong support for SSO, along with a flexible content management platform, is the perfect addition to the US Navy's application portfolio.

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« Finding and gathering case information means sifting through paper documents and departmental silos of information. It's a big waste of time. »

A single unified repository for all content and case management data

  • Import documents, images and other content from any source, including scan and file capture tools
  • Automatically assign new content to a new or existing case
  • Integrate related data from ERP, CRM and other external sources


« Investigations, legal decisions and other key services proceed slowly due to manual paper-based work forms and processes. »

Flexible global workflow engine:

  • Replace paper-based work orders with custom web forms, triggering work processes upon submission
  • Track approvals for new and revised documents and other media
  • Track workflow status of every case; analyze workflow performance using built-in analytic dashboard
  • Build workflows visually with Nuxeo Studio, an online configuration tool that eliminates the need for custom coding
  • Always up-to-date, integrated versioning and lifecycle state for all content, automatic updates of the document lifecycle state based on workflow status

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Read this White Paper: Discover how a modern content repository overcomes the technical limitations of legacy ECM tools to solve today's complex content challenges.


Video with Cap Gemini: Discover how a Forensic Institute (NFI) uses the Nuxeo Platform for fast, transparent case management for criminal investigations


« We must fulfill citizen requests for public information in a timely manner, but it’s a slow, manual process. We must also make sure we never erroneously share classified content. »
  • Fine-grain access controls ensure safe internal and external information sharing and collaboration. Workers can submit requests to gain temporary access to additional documents, subject to management approval
  • Built-in content lifecycle management ensures only the current, approved version of each document is shared (working copy concept)


« We don’t have nearly enough insight into our business processes or performance. We need to modernize not only our case management system but also our analytic tools. »
  • Advanced audit logging tracks and continuously monitors all user activity
  • Add custom events to audit log for ad hoc business-specific data and metrics
  • Use built-in visual dashboards and/or create new analytic views of performance and activity data

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