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Case Management Done Right

Case managers in the insurance and financial services industries today face a landscape of unprecedented complexity. No longer limited to documents and data, cases today may involve image, video, and even 3-D files, and expectations for omnichannel customer experience have never been higher.

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Robust case management software capabilities

The Nuxeo Platform offers robust case management capabilities with a full range of traditional features, including:

• Ingestion
• Classification
• Browse
• Check-in/out
• Lock
• Document editing
• Version control
• Audit

Industry Focus: Insurance


Accelerate the end-to-end process without sacrificing customer satisfaction with straight-through processing

Virtual Claims

Streamline the claims process and greatly reduce the need for on-site inspections

Claims Leakage

Address the early warning signs of claims leakage with automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning

We offer claims management software solutions that drive a unified, omnichannel claims experience. Maximize the efficiency of your claims processes while improving the claims experience for everyone: claimants, agents, and adjusters.

Claims Management

Take case management further


Content federation

Search and retrieve relevant documentation regardless of format, type, size, or location in the organization, and integrate content and process automation for greater efficiency and added value


Artificial intelligence

Use AI to classify and distribute content, examine prior case history and suggest solutions, and automatically identify and provide helpful information for insured based on claims


Low-code development

Develop new case management applications in days or weeks, not months or years, and quickly adapt to changing regulatory requirements or evolving technology stacks

Case management software without compromise

Legacy systems have failed to adapt to the pace of change, and offer a disjointed, high-touch case management experience that doesn’t scale to meet 21st-century challenges.

We bring all the content and data you need together from any application or repository, with an open-source, low-code platform that delivers full case management capabilities with one modern, holistic solution.

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