Insurance Claims Management System

A new approach to managing claims

Claims are at the heart of customer experience in the insurance industry, but many claims managers still use legacy processes and systems that are labor-intensive and time-consuming. To reduce claims leakage and drive better customer experience, you need to take a modern approach to claims handling.

Nuxeo offers claims management software solutions that empower insurance companies to drive a unified, omnichannel claims experience. With the low-code Nuxeo Platform, you can maximize the efficiency of your claims processes while improving the claims experience for everyone: claimants, agents, and adjusters.

Claims management solutions that takes you further

For the largest insurance companies, claims management processes have developed in disconnected silos, slowing cycle times and leading to frustration and rework. Legacy systems supporting the claims process have not kept up with rising expectations for experience and efficiency in the digital age.

With Nuxeo, claims managers can have a 360-degree view of claims, with a platform that brings together all the content and data you need. Any application, any file type, any repository: develop a claims process that makes sense for your business, without legacy limitations.

What is Case Management?

Modernize claims management for maximum efficiency

Today’s claims processes face customer experience expectations built in a world of instant gratification and digital native businesses. Now, you can fulfill those expectations and stop being held back by systems designed for a world that no longer exists.


Expand straight-through processing

Straightforward claims processes don’t need human intervention. Stop wasting time and money on unnecessary manual processing steps and create the lean claims workforce of the future.


Minimize claims leakage

No company wants to pay for claims that aren’t legitimate or have previously been paid out. Automatically analyze claims to flag for potential fraud and overpayment, and give managers a unified view of all claims documents.


Create seamless virtual handling

The future is heading toward virtual claim handling for a wide range of claims. Create a modern experience for claimants by developing mobile applications to allow the insured to instantaneous upload critical information at the time of loss.

Robust claims management system features

The Nuxeo Platform offers robust claims management capabilities with a full range of traditional features, including

• Ingestion
• Classification
• Search
• Browse
• View
• Check-in/out
• Lock
• Document editing
• Version control
• File sharing
• Security
• Audit

What makes us different

Nuxeo Platform isn’t like any other claims information management solution in the marketplace. Instead of straitjacketing your business into one way of managing and processing claims, the Nuxeo platform adapts to your needs with unmatched speed, flexibility, and future-readiness.



Connect claims documentation from all your systems regardless of format, type, or size, and integrate that content with process automation for seamless processing without error-prone handoffs.


Artificial Intelligence

Use AI and machine learning for smart, instant classification and distribution of incoming claims documents. Automatically investigate claims history for quicker, easier fraud detection.



With fast, easy development on the Nuxeo platform, respond faster to regulatory changes, bring new functionality to market faster than ever before, and keep your applications up to date without disrupting operations.

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