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Create a future-proof content management application that speaks your business language with the Nuxeo Platform as your cloud- and REST-enabled core content repository.

Content Model

Your ECM application must be future-proof and evolve without breaking client compatibility. The correct way to build that is to use a highly flexible data model which can evolve and scale easily:

  • Schema-flexible content model for your content management system: Define the data model specific to your application needs, with custom metadata and vocabularies for content description and discovery
  • Graceful content model changes: thanks to facets and client-driven data-schemas you can make your data model evolve to your future unknown requirements without breaking existing connected apps
  • Pluggable data & file persistence: data can be stored in SQL or NoSQL databases, files are natively de-duplicated and stored into any supported file store: filesystem, encrypted FS, Amazon S3, Azure Blobs and others

Search & Query

Backed by Elasticsearch, Nuxeo’s query engine supports aggregates, facets and advanced full text search capabilities:

  • Full query capabilities available through the Nuxeo API using NXQL (Nuxeo Query Language), CMISQL or the Elasticsearch DSL
  • Security-filtered search: users only see documents they have access to regardless on how the query is done (UI or API)
  • Dynamic filtering on multiple facets or metadata, automatically clustered with the displayed number of results found
  • Advanced search and query engine supports aggregates, facets and full text search across metadata and annotations
  • Fuzzy query or proximity search, synonyms, “more like this” suggestions, weighting/boosting search results

Audit & Security

With the Nuxeo Platform as your core content repository, even the most mission-critical content management applications are safe:

  • Fine-grain access controls: ensure safe internal and external information management within your organization
  • Easily define retention and disposition rules
  • Powerful process engine, using the visual designer in Nuxeo Studio to define custom workflows
  • Analyze document data and user activity with the built-in data visualization toolkit
  • Visualize search request hits, metadata or any content property
  • Customize your operating dashboards using advanced charting elements

See Nuxeo in Action

The Nuxeo Platform contains a native REST API to let you build custom interfaces or integrate its functionalities in your applications. This video will teach you its basics.

Additional Resources:

From thousands to billion documents repositories, check out the Nuxeo Platform performance benchmarks for each release


This page summarizes all the main concepts about documents, access to documents and document storage.

Nuxeo provides native integration with the leading NoSQL database, MongoDB, as a supported content and data storage back end. Developers can quickly and easily deploy cloud-ready enterprise applications


Huge files, conversions and transcoding cannot be addressed by legacy systems. The Nuxeo Platform provides a modern architecture with massive scalability, with benchmark results publically available:

  • Massive scalability for your content base, using either NoSQL (MongoDB) or relational database (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.)
  • Hybrid SQL and NoSQL architecture with a native Elasticsearch-backed query engine, MongoDB or an RDBMS for data persistence and cloud object stores for file storage allowing incredible performance
  • Benchmarked at more than 1 billion documents in a single system, delivering thousands of requests per second


Content is everywhere and the Nuxeo Platform has been built for the cloud, easily merging all local and cloud-based content within a single addressable framework:

  • Nuxeo supports deep integration with cloud deployment infrastructures like Amazon Web Services and Azure
  • Nuxeo Live Connect enables developers to build application logic using files stored in cloud-based file services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, just as if those files resided directly within the Nuxeo Platform. Users enjoy the file sharing and collaboration benefits of these cloud-based file sharing systems as well as access to their ecosystem of editing applications - all while working within the Nuxeo Platform
  • Hierarchical storage for file persistence: Direct binary files to desired storage based on business rules, and cloud storage (S3, Azure Blobs)
  • Accelerate download securely with AWS CloudFront or Azure CDN


  • Exhaustive: API-first technical approach, REST API, full repository CRUD support and 130+ commands to interact with the system
  • Flexible: JSON as data format for bandwidth efficiency and data model change-resilient clients
  • Composable: Chain commands in single call for transaction-safe execution of commands set
  • Extensible: Extend the REST API (data contributors, marshallers, endpoints and commands) with a simple plugin
  • Highly scalable: 6000+ queries/sec on 2 nodes, scales linearly with new nodes. Easy to build JS apps
  • Native client libraries: For Java (JVM, Android), JavaScript (Browser, Node.js), iOS, .NET, PHP, Python and even Dart!

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