Core Content Repository

Your business has its own rich content model. The Nuxeo Platform has been designed to be flexible and scalable so it can evolve with your most complex data.

Nuxeo Studio
Create a future-proof content management application that speaks your business language with the Nuxeo Platform as your cloud- and REST-enabled core content repository.

Content Model

Your ECM application must be future-proof and evolve without breaking client compatibility. The correct way to build that is to use a highly flexible data model which can evolve and scale easily:

Search & Query

Backed by Elasticsearch, Nuxeo’s query engine supports aggregates, facets and advanced full text search capabilities:

Audit & Security

With the Nuxeo Platform as your core content repository, even the most mission-critical content management applications are safe:

See Nuxeo in Action

The Nuxeo Platform contains a native REST API to let you build custom interfaces or integrate its functionalities in your applications. This video will teach you its basics.

More Resources

From thousands to billion documents repositories, check out the Nuxeo Platform performance benchmarks for each release


This page summarizes all the main concepts about documents, access to documents and document storage.

Nuxeo provides native integration with the leading NoSQL database, MongoDB, as a supported content and data storage back end. Developers can quickly and easily deploy cloud-ready enterprise applications


Huge files, conversions and transcoding cannot be addressed by legacy systems. The Nuxeo Platform provides a modern architecture with massive scalability, with benchmark results publically available:


Content is everywhere and the Nuxeo Platform has been built for the cloud, easily merging all local and cloud-based content within a single addressable framework:


Why Us

The Nuxeo Advantage:

  • Schema-flexible content model
  • Can be faceted for fast evolving models
  • Support of thousands of fields per object

The Nuxeo Platform: a complete enterprise-grade business application development platform

Made for a Data-Driven World

Battle-Tested for Critical Workloads

Solid Engineering

Built to Be Extended

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