Customers Communication Management (CCM) Software

The Nuxeo CCM solution allows you to choose how you want to store documents and correspondence. You can elect to store native AFP, Metacode and other print-stream formats or transform your existing and new print-stream data to individual or multi-document PDF files.

We know customer communications – including high-volume statements, billings, EOBs, policies, and correspondence – represent a unique set of challenges for organizations that use traditional print-stream technologies to produce them, and we’re here to help.

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Nuxeo’s CCM combines Nuxeo Platform with Crawford Technologies’ proven Enterprise Output Management (EOM) software. Our solution supports on-demand transformation and e-presentment of AFP content as well as high-performance bursting and batch conversion to PDF.

• Intuitive design environment
• Advanced services for Web portals
• Document storage as native AFP and PDF
• HTML5 for display
• Accessible tagging for screen readers (ADA, UK Equality)
• Full PCI-DSS compliance
• Digital signatures
• Full or partial “bursting” of documents
• Index, transform, and re-engineer documents


Utilizing a scalable, high-performance CCM Gateway for ingestion and retrieval, our Customer Communication Management solution enables organizations to easily store and access both existing and day-forward print-stream documents and communications in the Nuxeo Platform.

Increase regulatory compliance

Support modern compliance initiatives like GDPR and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) by enabling granular control of customer information.


Enhance customer experiences

Provide a full, 360-degree view of customer documents and correspondence for customer service and call center staff. Support customer self-service initiatives.


Accelerate cloud adoption

Move both legacy and day-forward print-stream communications from on-premises, mainframe-based systems, to modern, cloud infrastructures.


Improve accessibility

Dynamically transform documents and correspondence for highly compliant, fully accessible communications, including braille, large print, audio, e-text and multilingual translation.

Support mobile access

Provide full access to customer documents and correspondence via mobile devices with responsive HTML5 content.

65 - bills

Reduce operating costs

Eliminate legacy software support and maintenance costs and corresponding mainframe processing and storage charges.

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