Solving Legacy DAM Challenges

End poor user experiences that drive people away

Escape stale business models that can't evolve

Drop systems that are slow to create, slow to implement

Forget systems you build once, regret forever

Stop getting locked out of innovation

It’s time for a new approach.

It’s time for a system that’s as fast to deploy as any multitenant SaaS application but as flexible as enterprise on-premise DAM. That provides enterprise-grade integrations and military-grade security, but also the storage, processing, and innovation speed of the cloud ecosystem. That can ingest or deliver assets at hyperspeeds thousands of times faster than competitors but also handle complex metadata models with ease. That’s configured completely to suit but also easy to learn and delightful to use.

That’s Nuxeo Digital Asset Management.

Operate at Hyperspeed

Turbocharge your team’s productivity and effectiveness with the most advanced ingest, search, creative, and distribution capabilities, and the analytics power to monitor and improve performance.

Faceted Search

Intelligent Asset Ingest

Simplify and accelerate asset ingest with automation and intelligence. Give your team a break with automated metadata extraction and dynamic autotagging, artificial intelligence-based image recognition, and storyboard generation.

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Make assets easy to find with faceted and full-text search, keyword highlighting, jargon and typo-busting fuzzy queries and synonyms, related assets, and color matching.

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Create & Review Painlessly

Delight your team with a DAM that accelerates their day, rather than getting in their way. Users can work in their favorite creative or collaborative applications while keeping the workflow on track with tools like notifications, annotations, and EasyShare to share outside the organization.

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Download Seamlessly

Templates and granular permissions make it quick and easy to create custom download portals for customers and partners to search and find the content they have rights to use, and Nuxeo technology accelerates repeat downloads.

Unshackle Your Content from Legacy Models

As your business needs change, so will your content model. New content types, business units, new output channels, or new creative processes can be configured seamlessly on the fly.

Address All Your Sources

Address all your sources of metadata and assets across the enterprise. Out of the box you can connect to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and desktop, but it’s easy to integrate other sources you need, like Getty, for example. And Nuxeo is proven at over 1 billion assets.

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Create and Deploy at the Speed of Business

Marry the power of a custom platform with the deployment speed of the best SaaS applications.

Tailored experience

Deploy Fast & Iterate Quickly

Deploy Nuxeo in just a few minutes and let user feedback drive your design with agile, no-code configuration – no more exhausting requirements gathering in advance.

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Create a Tailored Experience

Maximize the effectiveness of every employee, agency, or customer team with a fully configurable UI based on role, asset type or lifecycle, and more.

Suitable for Today & Tomorrow

Configure your DAM with extensive application design and development features in Nuxeo Studio that you can iterate quickly and transparently upgrade.

Studio Workflow

Rapid Configuration

Configure the content model, views, workflow, automation, permissions, vocabularies, and branding with a graphical interface and set of examples, all without coding, greatly reducing time and resource requirements.

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Transparent Upgrades

Your configuration choices are always compatible with new features and new versions.

Protect your IP

Dynamic, military-grade permissions ensure your assets are protected throughout the asset lifecycle, with no performance penalties.

Innovate to Transform

Accelerate your transformation with Nuxeo. It easily connects to all your systems and assets regardless of type and source. It’s built on and for cloud services, and gives you the benefit of innovation across the ecosystem. And it’s based on the latest architectures that provide the elasticity of cloud infrastructure without the inflexibility, overhead, and resource competition of multitenant SaaS.

API Schema

Integrate Easily

Maximize the use and productivity of existing systems and processes with Nuxeo’s API-first architecture, work with or collaborate on digital assets or metadata from any application via Nuxeo Connectors, and hot swap systems and processes over time as your business changes or new tools become available. Nuxeo itself is built on the same high performance APIs, so you can even swap components of Nuxeo for your preferred tools.

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Reduce Costs, Increase Speed & Scalability

Minimize cost and maximize performance simultaneously with cloud service integrations, independently scalable components, containerization, flexible database and storage options, and flexible deployment options.

Eliminate Downtime

Nuxeo seamlessly provides cross-datacenter replication and high availability if desired, to serve even the most critical workloads.

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