Enterprise Document Management System

Modernize your DMS

Create and manage documents, automate business processes with workflows, build in compliant, yet invisible, governance and retention capabilities — then go further, using AI and our low-code platform to extract more value from your documents, and learn more from the knowledge they contain.

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Documents are at the heart of many business processes. Nuxeo Platform offers everything you expect in an enterprise document management system… and so much more.

Make work easier

Boost productivity and morale with tools that let your teams work the way they’ve always wanted to. We can automate and accelerate the time-consuming manual processes that have been holding your teams back.


Federate your content

Make secure document collaboration a snap with easy review, sharing, and annotation by both internal and external users — even if they don’t have access to the same applications as your teams.



Connect content from sources like Office 365, Adobe, and Salesforce, and access it with any device, from anywhere. Integrate digital signatures and advanced capture for even more value.

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In addition to providing advanced tools to secure information, our platform enables organizations to easily configure content retention and disposition policies behind the scenes to meet the most stringent business and compliance goals.

Document Management Features

Every basic document management feature is covered with Nuxeo Platform.

• Ingestion
• Classification
• Browse
• Check-in/out
• Lock
• Document editing
• Version control
• Audit

What is Document Management?

A Document Management system is the use of technology to manage electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based documents. Document management software capabilities are often described by three simple verbs: scan, store, retrieve. Document management has been delivering benefits for many years across numerous industries and application areas. But the functionality provided by DMS now forms part of a larger suite of capabilities known as content services.

What is Document Management

Modernize your approach

Get serious about transforming your business for the future. With the Nuxeo Platform, you can take advantage of state-of-the-art technology without disrupting core business processes that rely on legacy systems.



Take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing and slash the costs of traditional Enterprise Content Management solutions for document management. Deploy in the cloud, on-premise, or with a hybrid infrastructure.



Add value to documents and make them easier to find within your business. Categorize documents differently for different roles or departments, using the information that is important to each.



Automate core processes quickly with visual workflow design, plus integrated task management and notifications. Deploy simple or complex workflows without licensing additional software.

Get more efficient with AI

We help you move beyond traditional form recognition, OCR, and data extraction to deliver impactful insight and intelligence from your documents.


Contextual documents relationships

Drive more value from documents, using a document management software capable of establishing deep contextual relationships across content types to generate better insight and streamline business processes.


In-depth content modeling

Build rich and detailed models, spanning your entire document lifecycle, to deliver comprehensive and scalable document classification, even for content stored in legacy systems.


Business-specific AI in Content Management

Build artificial intelligence models using your information. Make predictions that can be instantly used, get better over time, and are built using simple to use tools for technical and non-technical users.

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