Document Management

Go beyond just accessing “files” to working with intelligent document objects, containing important metadata that enables dynamic workflows, optimizes your business processes, and transforms your digital experience.

Orange Builds a Secure, Scalable Document Sharing Solution
Orange manages communication with its mobile telecom and broadband ISP clients through a secure extranet portal built on the Nuxeo Platform Read the case study >

Content Model

« We need more than simple file storage and retrieval. We want a content model that matches our actual business processes. »


« We want to provide users truly collaborative. secure spaces to help increase productivity and expedite business processes. »


« We must deliver the right content to the right users at the right time with enterprise-class search. »

See Nuxeo Document Management in Action

In Nuxeo Document Management, a document is not just a “file”... it is an intelligent content object with rich, customizable metadata, facets, multiple related files and more!

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« Our content includes key intellectual property and highly confidential information. We need comprehensive access controls and rules-based security to protect them. »


« Huge files, conversions and transcoding cannot be addressed by legacy systems. »


« We want to model, track, and improve the performance of our workflows and content-heavy processes. »

Why Us

The Nuxeo Advantage:

  • Schema-flexible content model
  • Can be faceted for fast evolving models
  • Support of thousands of fields per object

Document Management is just part of Nuxeo - a complete enterprise-grade business application development platform

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