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Enterprise Content Management System

Modernize your legacy ECM

With markets and technologies evolving rapidly, modernizing your ECM software approach can future-proof your business and deliver true competitive advantages.


Nuxeo offers a full set of “traditional” ECM features… but that’s just the beginning. We treat content differently. Nuxeo’s low-code platform drives more efficiency and value from your content, using a flexible, scalable cloud-native architecture and introducing powerful AI.

Modernize Your ECM Software

Integrate state-of-the-art technology to accelerate and enhance business processes, without disrupting the way your teams get their jobs done.


Simplify search

Search through all your content and data repositories worldwide, regardless of where it’s located or what type of content it is. Federate to a wide range of applications and services to generate more value from your content and better understand how content is used and managed.


Accelerate process automation

Automate core processes quickly using visual workflow design tools and integrated task management. Deploy simple and complex workflows natively, without licensing additional software.


Enable Cloud for content

Take advantage of the benefits of a powerful architecture and slash the costs of traditional ECM solutions with a fully cloud-native platform - that can be hosted on-premise, in the cloud, or use a hybrid infrastructure.

Robust ECM Core Features

We cover every basic enterprise content management feature.

• Ingestion
• Classification
• Browse
• Native file viewers
• Check-in/out
• Lock
• Collaborative editing
• Document authoring
• Versioning
• Audit
• Task manager
• Integration to digital signature

What is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise content management helps manage and streamline the entire information lifecycle, automates process workflows, and can control and govern content within an organization. ECM system capabilities are often described by six simple verbs: capture, manage, access, store, automate and analyze.

Enterprise content management software can be utilized by many different departments within an organization and deliver a multitude of benefits: improved productivity, corporate information governance, agility and enhanced value from the content of your organization.

What is ECM ?

Make Enterprise Content Management Easier

Working with Nuxeo Platform doesn’t just drive value. It also helps your organization build a modern and better digital experience for your teams, helping you recruit and retain stronger talent.

Use dashboard reporting to learn more about how your information is being accessed and utilized. Search for content from a wide range of sources and global locations in milliseconds.
Empower collaboration and cross-functionality with easy tools for sharing content and automating handoffs, with full audit trails to track changes across all content types.
Create applications faster than ever using a low-code interface that slashes development time. Add value to your content by enriching it with information from a range of sources, both private and public.
Balance collaboration and flexibility with a compliant, well-governed information management system. Control retention and destruction policies, use AI to assist with classification and use comprehensive reporting and audit capabilities.

Take your Content to the Next Level


Contextual documents relationships

Drive more value from content, using content management software capable of organizing based on deep relationships across content types to streamline business processes.


In-depth content modelling

Build rich and detailed models, spanning your entire content lifecycle, to deliver comprehensive and scalable content classification, even for documents stored in legacy systems.


Business-specific AI for Content Management

Build artificial intelligence models using your information. Even nontechnical users can train AI models and generate instant predictions that get better over time, using Nuxeo Insight.

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